Best Flavored Coffee Brands – Reviews & Top Picks 2020

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10 Best Flavored Coffee Brands

1.Lifeboost French Vanilla Coffee – Best Overall

If you’re trying to find gourmet, healthy coffee, you’ll want to think about Lifeboost. All of its coffee is single-origin, low-acid, and freed from pesticides and mycotoxins. The French Vanilla flavor adds a bright, lightly sweet taste — without calories or sugar.

You can also choose from popular flavors like Pumpkin Spice, Caramel Macchiato, and Hazelnut.

Lifeboost does tend to be very pricey. Such is typically the case with ethically sourced coffees. Still, if you would like great coffee with many hearts, this is often an honest option.


  • Bright, lightly sweet flavor
  • Coffee beans specially sourced for low effect on environment
  • No calories or sugar
  • Low-acid and free of pesticides and mycotoxins



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