Most interesting facts to know about Coffee

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Once we reach a certain point in life, we stop functioning without a proper intake of coffee. No one thinks it tastes particularly good, but we still drink tons of it because the caffeine in it keeps us going. We just keep doing it and never question this nectar of the Gods that has been given to us.

That said, there’s still a few things you and I could learn about coffee. Let’s dive deep into the freshly ground beans of weirdness and find out what coffee has to offer for us.

Coffee Was Originally Chewed

Sipping may be your preferred method of java consumption, but coffee has not always been a liquid treat. According to a number of historians, the first African tribes to consume coffee did so by grinding the berries together, adding in some animal fat, and rolling these caffeinated treats into tiny edible energy balls.

Cream Makes Coffee Stay Warm Longer

In fact, coffee stays warm up to 20% longer if you add cream to it. That’s a pretty significant amount, isn’t it?

Coffee Was Discovered With The Help Of Crazy Goats

Like various other discoveries, the magical powers of coffee was discovered with the help of goats. Ethiopian Shepherds noticed strange effects in their goats as they started dancing after their meals. Later, they realized that goats danced whenever they ate coffee berries.

Mecca Banned Coffee

The city of Mecca banned coffee back in the 16th century because they claimed it promoted radical thinking.

Espresso Is Weaker Than Regular Coffee.

Don’t let the price fool you—you’ll need three shots of espresso to match the caffeine you get in one single humble regular cup of coffee.

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