Most interesting facts to know about Coffee

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Europe Loves Coffee The Most

Europe is responsible for the biggest import of coffee, while Brazil is responsible for the biggest export. Europe even imports more coffee than the United States do, which is saying a lot considering how much they spend on coffee on average.

We Spend a Fortune on Coffee

We all think the newest smartphones are expensive, but research claims that the average American spends an average of almost $1100 per year on coffee. That’s almost $20 per week, for those of you that are keeping count.

Finland Is The World’s Coffee Capital

Though Finland does not produce any beans of its own, its citizens drink a lot of the brown stuff—the most of any country in the world.

First Webcam Of The Planet

Did you wonder why the first webcam was built? Well, it was built back in 1991 and its job was to watch a coffee pot. Seriously! Yes, the researchers at Cambridge University built it because they were sick of leaving the desk again and again to check. True genius is built from necessity! The webcam allowed them to keep an eye on the coffee without walking to the kitchen. See, that’s how much people love coffee!

Merely Smelling Coffee Can Help Wake You Up.

Scientists have found that merely inhaling a lungful of brewing coffee in the morning can activate your brain and face the horrors of the day.

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